How artisanal work is empowering rural and disadvantaged women: Viet Artisans

Viet artisans is social business created in 2013 by Lily Phan and Lan To to help rural and disadvantaged women, by providing them an income-generating activity. The organization sells artisanal products to corperations and tourists all around Vietnam and abroad. The beginning has been difficult, but the organization is now well established and recognized by the local community and they receive more applications than positions available.

14 women are working to make a big range of handmade products with traditional Vietnamese patterns like postcards, notebooks or bags. Thanks to Viet artisans their income has increased and their way of life have been improved for them and their family. All their products can be ordered from their website. A fantastic idea for gifts!

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Ms. Nu has one young boy. With only a 3rd grade education, she can only earn her living as a daily waged worker. This work essentially means that she is open to do any kind of work that people are willing to hire her, such as: cutting grass, harvesting fruits, carrying heavy items. Her family of three survived on about 3 USD per day. They didn’t make enough to feed the family. As such, she would buy dried fish to feed the kids and sometimes had to skip meals to save for her young children. She used to stay in a bamboo hut that when the wind blew, she had to carry her son and ran for cover for fears that the hut would collapse on them. When it rained at night, she draped a raincoat over the bed and cannot sleep because the bed got soaking wet. Viet Artsians was able to gather the community support and help build her a new house.

Source: Viet Artisans

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