Giving hope and joy to poor women, through job creation – Marine Gifts

Marine Gifts is a social business which aims to empower poor and disadvantaged women in Vietnam. They started in 2011 with the objective to fight against poverty and promote the gender equality. To reach their goals, they set up different programs:

1. In their first program, they work with poor women for the cost to conserve marine and costal environments by organising community based touristic tours and creating gifts with marine waste. Vietnam has established 17 protected marine areas where fishing is prohibited, depriving thousand families from their source of incomes. Marine Gift’s program creates jobs in the eco-tourism sector for the poor women, by providing vocational training on how to create small souvenirs out of waste, and sell them to tourists. Up to now they already trained 2500 poor women on the production of gifts.

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2. For their new program, they created a fashion brand called“Elsa and Rose”, training the single mothers on dressmaking and tailoring. In addition, the organisation provides accommodation to mothers in need. In one year, 35 single mothers have be trained by the program. They are currently selling their products in several shops in Hanoi, and they started receiving orders form new companies. Marine Gifts recently established a partnership with an organisation which supports disabled women, who organises trainings on the creation of fashion accessories, like headbands.

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