How youth is using urban gardening to create a more sustainable way of living: Green Youth Collective

Green Youth Collective is a social enterprise that aims to involve urban citizens in sustainable living practices and to empower disadvantaged youth with viable alternative livelihoods in gardening. It established its organization in 2012 in community garden called “family garden” in the middle of Ho Chi Minh City.

To reach their goals, they set up two main projects:

  • gardening services, which include the creation of roof top and vertical gardens for companies and privates.
  • educational services, which include the organization of workshops for students and school children, and a long-term training programme for currently 6 students.

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They aim to open this educational programme to the disadvantaged youth (youth living in poverty, with mental and physical disabilities, chronic health issues, or low school-level), and to prepare them for a career of gardening. Their initiative is not only about teaching gardening, but also about raising awareness about ecology and about the respect of ecological principals. Furthermore, they hope to direct the Vietnamese gardening to more organic practices.


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